Whatsapp has just announced the Elimination of subscription fees of 1 us dollar per year

Whatsapp has just announced the Elimination of subscription fees of 1 us dollar per year. This means that the service can use WhatsApp for free forever.

The announcement was made at the time the instant messaging service is already used by nearly 1 billion people, 990 million users.

“(The user) we’re still lacking 10 million again,” says CEO Jan WhastApp Koum in the company blog, as quoted KompasTekno, Tuesday (19/1/2016).

With the Elimination of subscription fees, the question that arises is where WhatsApp gain revenue?

Since being bought by Facebook in February 2014 with “mahar” Rp 223 trillion, WhatsApp is indeed not yet produce anything other than a US 1 dollar subscription fee for the first year.

Many have suspected, WhatsApp will start tucking the ads in the application message instannya. However, Koum says, future plans WhatsApp is not associated with the ad.
Whatsapp has just announced the Elimination of subscription fees of 1 us dollar per year
“How is WhatsApp can remain in operation without any income. If there are future advertisements from third parties? The answer is no, “said Koum.

Since the first was established until acquired Facebook, WhatsApp has promised it will not insert advertising in its services.

Does not include advertising, WhatsApp instead had other plans for the elections caused infusion. The trick with menyasar companies that want to make use of database users who owned WhatsApp.

Its shape is still not advertising. The company would later perform the interaction with the user targeted the WhatsApp.

For example, aircraft flight delay information can be directly delivered to the passenger via WhatsApp by airlines.

Koum says, features for the company will start tested on this year.

“We will test the feature that lets you wear your WhatsApp as means of communication with businesses and organizations is desirable,” he said.

Users of instant messaging application WhatsApp would already know, a black check mark next to the message means the message has been sent, the check was received, two black and two blue tick means the message has been read.

But there are times when the recipient does not want to know when the message sender has already read, by reason of each course.

For those of you that are included in the so can follow the following tips, on how to read messages on WhatsApp without having to make two tick marks black to blue.

Whatsapp does indeed provide a feature to disable the blue checkmark (read-receipt) in the Menu, but this setting applies both ways.

If enabled, users cannot see whether his message is read or not.

However, there is another solution to solve this problem. The secret lies in Airplane Mode features that exist in every device a smartphone.

If you receive a message you want to read WhatsApp without making the poster knows, change mode smartphone into Airplane Mode before opening the message.

In this mode, all applications will be offline, but all the received message was received and stored in the cache of the smartphone to read.

Previously, make sure the first applications were not opened when WhatsApp enable Airplane Mode.

By turning off data, then your WhatsApp can not tell the server that the messages sent have been opened and read.

Users can freely read all messages in Airplane mode this Mode without the worry of the message sender knows it. However fashion Airplane Mode deactivated, the server can identify if WhatsApp messages sent or read yet.

Keep in mind, this trick is applicable only to private messages only. A read-receipt for all messages sent in the conversation group (group chat) will always be active.

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