MCI bio green is a special health supplement drinks containing chlorophyll and collagen. Chlorophyll and collagen already known can provide benefits for the body. But, what exactly is the chlorophyll and collagen?
CHLOROPHYLL or commonly known as the green leaves, the same substance as the name suggests, it is the content that causes the green color in plants. This chlorophyll will absorb energy from the Sun in order to facilitate the continuation of the process of photosynthesis in plants. This substance is very important in metabolism such as growth and respiration of plants.

Chlorophyll benefits for health:

Chlorophyll improves circulation and the production of more energy
In addition to helping in the clean up of the body, the chlorophyll also assists in the growth and repair of body tissue
Reduce the ill effects of environmental pollution and cigarette smoke
Helps neutralize free radicals in the body and is useful also to reduce inflammation
Prevent binding carcinogen (carcinogenic substances) with DNA
Eliminate heavy toxic metals such as mercury and lead from the body
Cure anemia

COLLAGEN is a protein composed of amino acids, which form-darikarbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Approximately 33% of the protein in the human body is composed of collagen, and about 75% of our skin is made up of collagen. Collagen gives structure to the body and protects the structure of the skin by preventing pathogen substances penyebarab, micro organisms, toxic substances and cells of cancer cells.

Collagen for health benefits:

To keep the cleaner the skin and eliminate scars on the skin, as well as eliminate the fleg black and wrinkled.
Heal the pain of joints and cartilage material build up on your joints
mecegah and strengthens bones
Mengkonsum with collagen, then the brain can work better.
Maintain eye function to keep working meskipu already aged.
Strengthens hair roots and stimulates growth.
Can strengthen the nail so it does not break easily.

some benefits of stemcell bio gold konsumen biogreen gold online Basically every human being wants a healthy body and benefits of stemcell bio gold can help the body become healthier. This is one product that can enhance the vitality of both for women and men. This product also uses herbal ingredients that are very beneficial to the body and with a unique flavor.

Stemsell gold bio materials
The materials contained on these products include natural ingredients that won’t cause side effects on anyone. So this product can be consumed by anyone, whether woman or man.
– Herb ashwagandha
This is a plant that originated in India, and this plant has long been known to be able to resolve the problem on a grown man. The benefits of this plant is the content of antioxidants and can increase the immunity of the human body, so that a number of the disease does not easily fit into the body. This plant is also believed to be able to quiet the mind and can be used as an energy tonic for vitality of the men. So some disease that usually strikes men such as impotence and premature ejaculation can be overcome by good. This plant can also be used to address premature aging, and may improve concentration. The last of some diseases can be addressed by mengkosumsi this plant.



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