Utilizing the condition of genius Part 1

Research shows that 98-99% of learning done at a subconscious level. By signing in to the condition of genius, means we are activating our thoughts on a subconscious level. The condition of this genius will really help you in absorbing information and learning. The condition of this genius has been investigated in Santa West University, Minnesota since 1989. This condition can increase Your IQ 20 points with exercises for 25 hours.

The condition of genius is a State where you are very sensitive with the connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious. The condition of genius is a condition where you can access your subconscious mind easily..

Utilizing the condition of genius Part 1

This condition will relieve you of all the distractions from the outside and help you to build a strong relationship between the mind, heart and body.

The condition is a condition of genius minds that very quiet way mengkondisikannya into Alpha-teta waves.

Keep in mind, the alpha is the gateway to access the potential of your long term memory. While the teta is the condition in which You have engaged directly and is in your subconscious mind.

Make an initial overview while reading

To maximize the results of whatever we do, we need to align ourselves with the working principles of our brain. By selarasnya thoughts, actions, and working principles of the brain, whatever will we do become easier.

One of the workings of our brains is the tendency to see a big picture of any kind. Our brains are always like to roam and search for meaning. By giving the big picture on our brains, we will be able to enable our brain kea rah the right so that the use of energy efficient.

Have you read the new book at the beginning of the section, but in the middle of the road all of a sudden You are reluctant to

How to perform the initial review that you will learn in the bacakilat system is to do a review of the book, and then make the purpose of reading the book. You will be given the skills of how to choose books that are really useful to you, where You don’t need to read the current, for example.

In this initial review, you should assess the feasibility of the book to read. Customize with your self. specify where the books are important and have to remember, which is apparently not yet you need today, which need urgent to read menjalang test, and so on.

Make mind folders

There are two systems commonly used in records. How linear and radial way. Linear way consists of 3 variations that is recorded in the form of paragraphs, in the form of bullets/numbering, or by a scheme that combines numbers and hurud as it appears in the table of contents of a book.

The second way is the way the radial. Among the ways of noting the most effective radial is mind map. This way was discovered by Tony Buzan.

Through the mindmap, you can pour everything you get from a book you read in just one page with a good level of understanding.

Why should bacakilat?

Bacakilat is a system that covers all the terms you need to read quickly and efficiently, with a high level of familiarity with and long term memory.

Bacakilat combines and integrates the entire technique of reading is fast becoming a steps that are easy to implement.

Through the bacakilat system, you would be accustomed from the beginning for good at sorting out which books are right for you read, make the destination clear, involves reading the subconscious mind, train Your genius conditions, enable your intuition, to how to make a record that is effective and easy to remember and learn.

You don’t want to quickly forget what you read? Please learn about the bacakilat deeper through the articles in this website J

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