The Cough For Mother Pregnant Safe Consumption

The Cough For The Mother Pregnant. Pregnancy is a time of waiting-waiting by the and second-in-laws. How could I not, with the presence of a member of a new family then the atmosphere of the house will be crowded and the couple husband and wife can let go of feeling bosannya to play with the fruit of the heart.

The Cough For Mother Pregnant Safe ConsumptionNot uncommon when pregnant, the husband being over protective will his wife’s health for the middle child. Indeed it was obliged to do because pregnancy is the time where the body vulnerable to disease.

A pregnant woman will split the system imunnya for prospective the fruit of the heart that are still developing in the womb. If the body lack of nutrition, intake of fluids, and less rest then it’s no wonder that the endurance of the body down, thus causing the infection channels the breath.

The disease often experienced by the mother pregnant is a cough. When the cough attack (whatever its kind), a mother falling feeling confused to take the medicine. Pasalnya, not all cough drops are safe for mother pregnant.

If You’re feeling it right now, ask your husband to ask the doctor specialist kebidanan and saturation of the cough to the mother pregnant are not a danger to the condition of the fetus.

The Cough For Mother Pregnant
Results sight the writer of some sites that serve consult online about health pregnant woman is in, found one answer though! beneficial for You.

No drugs are 100% safe for pregnancy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done testing some kind of drug on animals and found no effect on fetal animals. That indicates that not all medicine either consumed by the mother is pregnant, even if testing does not involve human beings directly.

Cough and cold are safe enough be consumed mother pregnant is that it contains ekspektoran (pengencer dahak), such as guaifenesin (GAGS), sodium sitrat, calcium iodida, ammonium chloride, gliserol iodinasi, ipecac, potassium guaiacolsulfonate, and potassium iodida. Everything is a drug combination that also contain antihistamines, dekongestan, antitusif, and analgesik.

Once in a while in the consumption of cough cold when pregnant does not pose a great influence harm to a fetus or a baby about to be born. But, if the dosage used is high enough and the secretary of defense to use long, you risk it effects bad to my mother was pregnant and the fetus has increased a few notches.

This next kind of cough to the mother pregnant safe consumed according to Mediskus:

Acetaminophen or of paracetamol – the Womb of paracetamol on the cough not proven to result in a baby born deformed, so it is categorized as a cough drops safe for pregnant women.
Antihistamines – a Drug with the womb this also includes safely consumed during pregnancy.
Caffeine – Studies that directly involve testing on humans don’t result in an accident of birth, so it is safe for mother pregnant However, studies on animals, that just raises the result of a disability is born if the dose used is very large (equivalent to 12 to 24 cups of coffee a day).

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