Stay at the hotel/resort in the city of malang

Stay at the hotel resort in the city of malang

Stay at this Resort are sort of Defeating dream come true. Previous berdecak can only be amazed while reading and viewing his pictures on the blog of a friend. Then I imagine can also stay there.

And I think no one could exceed a happy dreams that turn out to be true. I am planning a vacation to Batu, Malang, and given sufficient fortune to meet budget vacation this time.

Many times I go to various sites ranging from Agoda hotel reservations, Traveloka, up to Travelio, create a checked how much rate The Singhasari Resort. Got wobbly will order other hotels that are cheaper, but eventually stabilizing selection to The Singhasari Resort in seconds-seconds late.

In a nutshell, so also our family nginep Singhasari in The Resort for 3 days 2 nights!

Once set foot in the lobby, udah not surprised anymore. The 5-star resort in the beauty stone is in accordance with my expectations. Equally beautiful with photos scattered around the internet. Many of the hotel’s original appearance is much different from the photos shown on the other site or blog on the internet? If The Singhasari same wonderful!

Diana seneng view room. Jump up on the bed and jump-jump ecstatically. At the turn of the dizzy because the room had photographed udah belom disheveled. LHA gimana later create proof narcissist in his blog, if there is no picture? HAHAHAHA.

Fortunately we nginep 3D/2N, so next day fitting room diberesin, do not forget make photographed first before diacak-acak boy again.

Like a standard 5-star rooms, The Singhasari Resort this mattress and plush, kept the bed linens and bed cover clean. There are 6 towel sheet, complete toiletries, there are slippers (which I take it home and wear until now still durable) and bathclothes gowns with batik motif (unfortunately forgot the photo).

I stay when the peak season, so hotel pretty dense. Most are families who invites her children in the school holidays. Because of this, the school holidays the prices of entrance fees at Batu Malang, also follow the price peak season, though not the end of the week. So I am fairly well conceded the nih budget in the entrance ticket.

Fortunately, I was able to free from local transportation budget, because The Singhasari Resort provides a free shuttle to the famous sights in the city of Stone at certain hours.

Hotel guests will be escorted to the sights, and will be picked up according to the schedule specified. Delicious, right? Dont need more rental car or other motorized vehicle over in stone town.

A varied selection of attractions, ranging from Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, Transport Museum, BNS, the square stone, can all be chosen. My experience of the roads to travel I’ll write a separate Yes.

Dinner time is one part that I have been waiting for. Initially, Boutique Restaurant is not so crowded that night. Either already on the meal, or the other usual dinner more nights, there are only three of us could take anything, all u can eat. But that’s just my stomach capacity seupil, yes tetep alone, one serving of food wrote is enough make threes.

Initially, Boutique Restaurant is decorated in a typical theme of the archipelago, serving a variety of food specialties from East Java. There are Meatballs Cak Cak Rawon Damma, Sabi, Soto Singhasari, fried noodles, Glutinous Porridge Nafi Cak black, Know Petis and ice Mix Cicik Mak. Everything can be enjoyed by just paying Rp. 150,000.0-only. If you want per serving can also be hell, the price range between Rp. 35,000.0 until Rp.-65,000.0-

Dont want to lose out, we all, nyobain dong! All delicious, but the winner according to tongue my fried noodle tetep Cak Nafi. The meatballs are delicious also, Damma Cak but’ve same dihabisin many of Diana. If her black Glutinous Porridge dihabisin same husband. I goto the splurging es campurnya, hahaha.

Breakfast at The Singhasari Resort Stone

The place still in Kutaraja Boutique restaurant, one floor below the main lobby. There are two restaurants, indoor and outdoor. If outside, we can eat while looking at a view of Mount Arjuno and mount Semeru, but I chose the inside only, because Diana was still like to eat while run-larian, hard-ngejarnya if.

Photo above from aja, udah caught right, how yummy breakfast at The Singhasari Resort? Loads of choice, the half dozen hell dicobain all little-little stomach capacity emang apadaya, just segitu-gitunya, hard dimelarin. Than an international menu, I chose a more traditional menu Indonesia aja, ranging from yellow rice, chicken porridge to drink jamu. Teuteup sik, also get some coffee!

Outdoor Playground The Singhasari Resort, Champion!

We goto the room really deket from outdoor playground make the children. Room escape, trus udah sampe twice the jump. Do not be asked, how Diana senengnya deh maen here. Back and forth up and down prosotannya. Bold belom prosotan hell if that muter-muter was, short palingan doang. Aja ngelihatnya but I’ve tired yourself. His son even want to keep the toy.

lie told in site Hotel di Jombang that Completion of the toys on the playground, it’s time for a swim! The swimming pool is spacious, there is that create adult and create children. Unfortunately, the weather in the stone when it is again dingin-dinginnya. So yeah next ? aer bentar doang aja, udah lips so blue. The good news, in The Singhasari Resort there is a hot tub of water with a selection of hot water from the start were to really warm. But Diana emang dont particularly like warm water Yes, dicemplungin to a comfortable jacuzzi, his interest in fact behind a cold swim in a pond. Brrrrr … There is also a sauna. But we dont nyobain.

That is also a favorite of Diana. Even want to sleep aja ngajakin main to Dewi Anjani again. I seneng from kids club, the hotel dont just nyediain facilities like main puzzle, drawing and the bath ball doang, but also teach creativity in young children (3 to 12 years) is like making a necklace of beads, making kites, etc. Even Diana immediately offered to feed the fish and given a cup of pellets. Seneng banget deh, directly towards the fish pond while wearing a new necklace.

With the published rate of Rp. 1,600,000.0 (+ +) per night, the resort at this poor rekomended Rocks really make a try. Bener-bener family our seneng can spend 3 days 2 nights in Batu, Malang.

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