shopping shoes cheap

shopping shoes cheap

shopping shoes cheap


If you want to find shoes, a bag, a wallet or fancy trinkets the others, please come to cibaduyut. This location is known as sentra shoes “handmade” the work on the houses behind the shops. On a holiday or weekend, the place to shop cheap it’s very crowded visited by tourists. If you aim to do business (buying in bulk), we suggest on a normal day (day work). Because there are just traders who applied the price different on the holiday. Especially if tourist shopping is not for wholesale.
the market was surprised

Market Snap at Gasibu

The location of the market a snap (market shock) who are on the front of the building sate it’s so crowded, hunted by visitors especially when the Sunday morning. Toward noon, the field gasibu tend to be deserted. So jadualkan your time on a Sunday morning than to work out too shopping cheap in this place.
shopping fashion in cihampelas

Store in Cihampelas

In place of tours, you will find run right shop jeans with prices so cheap and the decor of the store is quite unique. In the era of the ‘ 90s until early 2000, the number of store into a boutique jeans this very much, but lately has started to diminish. In the area of Cihampelas Bandung this is a mall that’s pretty cool called “Ciwalk mall” often go by the young boy as the location of the hangout.

Road Riau
fo road riau

Factory Outlet

The name of this road is now called RE Martadinata. There’s a lot of factory outlet offers tourist shopping cheaply for visitors. Indeed, the products that are sold in this place is non-negotiable. But if you compare with the product of a kind for sale in the mall or in another city, obviously the stuff sold here is still more affordable.
The Way Dago
tour shopping dago

Distro in Dago

Besides as a place to hang out young boy Bandung, the road dago also known as the center of distro and by-by a delicious typical Sunda. There’s a lot of distro famous in this place including from brand great who opened a boutique on this street. About the price? Ralatif anyway.. But a lot of also often provide the specialty with reasonable price.
Market Lembang
market lembang

Market Lembang

Most tourists make this place as the location of the dinner or breakfast when staying in Lembang that was cool. After you’re satisfied berwisata in the mountains Tangkuban Boat, when you go home we advise you to come by and buy a souvenir typical of this territory. Aneka clothes, toys of kids or fancy trinkets for sale at a low price in the market.

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