Shop D’sawah kerobokan kuta

Shop D’sawah kerobokan kuta
Shop D'sawah kerobokan kuta
Shop D’sawah
Bale Prawn Of Engking. Who hasn’t heard the name big house eat Of Engking? Saking populernya, the diner it became a franchise that spread at some point in the Java and now Bali any one of them. House eat Of Engking first start debutnya as a place of tourist culinary in Jogja. And in the region of Kuta, you can find them on the road Nakula no. 88, Sunset Road.

Bale Prawn Of Engking

Of Engking
Rice Spicy Mother Andika. Though his name was rice spicy, but nasinya keep the rice used. Just like rice the white we used to eat day-to-day. Nicknamed rice spicy because lauknya most contain chilli. Pedasnya enough to make the eyes of visitors wet when havin menus culinary is in there. The location is in 2 places, which is located in-body cast.Raya Kuta Bali, right in front of Joger and the other one is located on the-body cast. Patih Jelantik in front of the hotel Everyday-Kuta.

culinary bali

Rice Spicy Mother Andika
Rice Pecel Bu Tinuk. Dishes fast-food restaurant typical java has to offer among others fried chicken, tempe bacem, dumpling, know santan, terong balado, soto chicken soup tails, oseng tempe, chicken suir and pecel main. Location tour culinary this be in ruko Kuta Beautiful’s gorgeous 5A, Kuta, Bali and on the Highway Tuban Meal, next to the Chemist’s Chemical Farma or across the Bank Independent. Please choose where’s the nearest with a place to stay.

Rice Pecel Bu Tinuk Bali

Pecel Bu Tinuk

Thus the information interesting about the location of culinary in Bali close to the place a tour. If you’re on vacation to this island a minimum of four days, should have been able to taste the whole dish delicious what we recommend above.

In this shop also sold coffee typical Bali that Coffee Kintamani, Coffee Mangsi and Coffee Bali Spirit. Besides selling food typical Bali, Krisna Bali also sells a wide variety of clothes. The price offered one quite cheap ranging from Rp 15.000,- you can already get a shirt for a souvenir.
Ubud Art Market.
Ubud Art Market.

The Art Market Ubud

The location of the market is very strategic, just in front of the Castle to the Great Saren Ubud. Exactly at a crossroads Monkey Forest. The market this is one place to tour in ubud who were obliged to visit. Therefore, tourists-tourist who was staying and took a walk around the market whatever menyempatkan self stopped in at the market. Place shopping cheap sells products similar to market-the art market is the other. You can buy bag s, clothes marked Bali, clothing, traditional Bali, until the statues and paintings. And in place of shopping cheap in Bali, obliged to bargain to get the stuff you want!

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