How to shrink the stomach with food here

How to shrink the stomach with food here health, stomach Food to shrink the stomach After article 6 how terrible shrink stomach has explained summary of the most important in your program to shrink the stomach, then this time babejo will share some very nice food in shrink the stomach.

just look at some of our food list below:

1. Eggs
After all this time we assume that egg is one of the foods that are not good for cholesterol, it turns out that recent studies have revealed that the eggs do not affect blood cholesterol as well as does not cause heart attacks.
Benefits of eggs as food high in protein can also make you feel full longer, a little by eating the eggs at breakfast is very good for your diet program.

2. Salmon
Looks like we all have known that fish oil is very good for the health of the salmon, salmon is supplied with high-quality protein, healthy fats and also the nutrients it needs, nutrition-nutrition is extremely important keeping your metabolism is optimally

3. Avocado
At the time of diet programs shrink the stomach, avocado fruit is one option that is apt, for this many consider that avocados contain high fat is not a good assumption, but it’s not right, because avocados contain unsaturated fats (healthy) even is very good for the heart.
How to shrink the stomach with food here
4. Green tea
There is no doubt that there are many benefits of green tea, as well as an anti oxidant green tea also can increase the body’s metabolism, good green tea is able to burn your calories, but remember to drink green tea do not mix it with sugar, as it will be useless to your program.

5. Nuts
Though bean is a food high in fat, but this is not the cause of the occurrence of fattening, it’s very good for your body’s metabolism, even have an impact on your weight loss.

6. Yogurt
Milk is the best food is yogurt, yogurt contains probiotics bakterii are very good in improving the function of your colon. It is unique in choosing yogurt is a yogurt choose high-fat, because the study reveals high-fat yogurt is better in losing weight, while the low-fat yogurts tend to have high sugar levels.

7. Vegetable
Of course we already do not need menjabarkannya anymore, because almost all the vegetables in your diet, as long as you know mengolanya right, like just steam or boil it, organic vegetables are better for consumption.

8. Berry
Fruit a berry good for your diet program, can be used as a choice in filling the void of time before your big meal, this fruit is very good to get rid of the fat on your stomach How to shrink the stomach with food here

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