How Not To Quickly Forget What We Read?

“It seems like just last week I read that book, but why now I forgot the same contents are ya?”

How Not To Quickly Forget What We Read

“It seems like the news is still warm in my head while reading it yesterday, but why today I so forgot Yes after reading the news?”

Have you ever experienced such conditions? The era of globalization in which the flow of information is flowing with so the battle indeed requires us to have more skills. In a previous article, we’ve discussed the why we are often easy to forget what we just read? In the article this time, we will discuss further how tactics so that we are not easy to forget what we have just read. Good luck Yes:)

Engage the unconscious brain

If you want to remember what you read in a long time (permanent) in your brain, the first thing and the most important thing is to engage your subconscious brain to read.

The conscious brain limitations only 7-9 are able to remember things in a time does not allow you to remember everything in the long run. You need the help of your subconscious mind.

With conventional reading techniques (using the conscious mind), you’ll absorb information from reading materials through the eyes, processed in your conscious mind. Furthermore, the information that you have earned is accommodated in the hippocampus which is where temporary memory storage. After 48 hours, the hippocampus was transferred to long-term memory.

However, the next problem is, the information is already going into long-term memory will be reduced to 90% due to overwriting other information with each other.

Well, for it required a way to make you unconscious mind plays a role in the process of reading. That way, incoming information will be instantly processed through the subconscious mind.

How involving right?

In the system of bacakilat, one of the entrance reading materials to the subconscious mind is to use the eyes of receptive (PMR). PMR is a way of looking at things using stem cells in your eyes to absorb the information. PMR was instrumental to bring what you read into the unconscious mind. PMR is a gateway entry of material into your long term memory. stem cells occupy 80% of the cells in the retina which is a very sensitive cells. These cells can detect the slightest movement even aware of a candle flame in a distance of up to 1 mile.

In the technique of bacakilat, you will learn how to use PMR this easily and quickly.

Looking for an effective time to read

One of the causes of the difficult memories last long after you read is because of the time that a little hasty in reading and versatile so that membuyarkan your concentration.

You have to find the time for effective reading. Specify the schedule read You every day. No need to spend countless hours to read. Simply dedicate your time 30 minutes a day to reading and teaching discipline you.

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