Excellent, Coed Solo UNS Success Raising Goats PE

Bidikmisi program recipients Sorority the University Eleven Maret (UNS) Solo, Central Java is a success develop goat herds Peranakan Etawa (PE). Is a true Revelation (21), Coed majoring in animal husbandry Faculty of agriculture.

A familiar woman accosted this Tiwuk, utilizing funds from the entrepreneurial Student Program (WMP) and public service Research Institute (LPPM) as capital for his business.

Excellent, Coed Solo UNS Success Raising Goats PE

Before cattle develop goat PE, Tiwuk first make Student Creativity Program (PKM) along with his friends about the doll. The time the funds are received from the PKM as much as Rp 9 million. However, as a joint venture with the many parties he could not develop his business was with big.

“Then submits proposals to the appropriate PMW LPPM with my Department. Thank God accepted his proposal and obtain funding of $ 12 million, “says Tiwuk when found in the Office of public relations¬† UNS Solo, Tuesday (8/10).

Finally, the funds that he used to buy goat’s PE 6 females, 1 Stud and the making of the enclosure. She chose this type of goat purchase, because karkasnya more and higher selling prices. In addition it also quick PE goat breed. Within 6 to 8 months already could be increased.

“I keep this goat Saplings for 3 months. After that I sell the result could be to add to the daily needs and the cost of College, “explained student semester seven.

He mentioned, the child goats PE age three months sold at Rp 1 million. While for the goat PE age 1 year are sold at IDR 2.5 million. There are currently about 20 goats PE who successfully developed Tiwuk.

“I give it Pakannya green-forage and fodder fermented from corn kelobot, titen, straw and bran or concentrates. This goat I developed in the home village of Baturetno, Urip Belik, Wonogiri, “bright daughter of a pair of Kartiman (60) and Sarti (55). (Labib Gadoh)

Buy a goat in the market also have many benefits, in addition to many goats as a comparison, prices in the market are usually not as high as the price of a goat in the enclosure. Only, based on my experience, the goat in the market usually quality and her lineage is difficult to be monitored. There are rarely etawa goat farmers brought class to the market.

To be safe, I recommend more when prospective breeders want to buy goats to diternakan, we recommend that you come to peternaknya directly. Since dikandang we will clearly observe and ask about treatment methods and habits of the care of livestock. Other breeders because usually other methods to ternakannya. In addition we can also learn directly and add the science of raising goats. The more entries, the perfected science.

I have an opinion that I believe is right. Please don’t litter, car bike The meaning of this, if we expect good results, then the goat material that went into the enclosure and tried, be it pejantannya or females. If the material of the goats we have ugly, don’t please the goat will we create good quality later.

But it all depends on the willingness and the source of the funds that we have. If the source of the funds that we have is limited, we should keep a little goat but the bener-bener. Don’t keep goats with large quantities but mutunya bad, because in principle the goats or goat good bad, maintenance costs we spend will be the same. The more closely we choose a goat, then the profit us.

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