Bleach nourishes the skin and combat its ageing

Forget the creams out of your price range, the quick-fix solutions and creams the fountain of youth. The shelf of your bathroom contains a product cheaper and more effective to combat aging of the skin : Bleach. It is the result of a triple study conducted by the university of Stanford (California, Usa) on mice, published 15 November in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Bleach nourishes the skin and combat its ageing

Do not apply directly on the skin

For years, doctors have used the bathroom Bleach to treat severe eczema… but without actually understanding the mechanism. The study analyzed two groups of mice. Each avaientt right to a bath of pure water (the placebo), the other in a bath of Bleach to 0.005% diluted in water. “At the base, it was thought that Bleach had an antimicrobial function, that it would kill bacteria and viruses on the skin,” says Dr Thomas Leung, who conducted the study. “But the concentrations used in the laboratory are not high enough for this to be the only reason. We therefore asked whether there was not something else. “

Since the solution is a Bleach-based does much more than treat eczema : it is effective against damage various skin. With these experiments, the researchers have attempted to provide new solutions to the diseases known for a long time. The assay, however, is minimal… and the doctors remind us that it should never apply Bleach to the skin.

Burns and radiation

In normal times, when the skin is attacked, the immune system activates an inflammatory response with the molecule NF-kB. This helps to fight the infection. But this reaction, which is vital, can cause damage if it is excessive. The researchers focused on this molecule, which plays a role in inflammation, aging and response to radiation. The skin cells have been diving for an hour in a bleach solution and then exposed to a molecule that activates NF-kB. Bleach has blocked the reaction, but for a limited time.

Same observation for the radiation : mice with radiodermites, skin lesions related to irradiation, have been diving for 30 minutes in a bath of diluted Bleach. Rodents that have benefited have lesions less severe, better healing and hair regrowth higher than those soaked in plain water. Once again, the effects were limited to 2 or 3 weeks.

The fountain of Youth ?

The researchers are enthusiastic : “It is possible, in addition to the advantage against the radiodermite, as it may also help heal some wounds such as diabetic ulcers,” envisions Dr. Leung. “It’s exciting because there are very few adverse effects associated with bleach. We may have identified other ways to use hypochlorite to really help patients. This would be easy, safe and cheap. “

Researchers have gone so far as to consider this solution as a product of the fight against skin aging. Mice old but healthy, have been used for a third experiment. “By bathing them in the bleach solution, the skin of the animals appeared to be more youthful. Old and frail, she became more thick, with a proliferation of cells increased, ” says Dr. Leung. The skins were so upgraded, but only for a time : the aging has taken over three weeks after the bath of Bleach.

We have not found the fountain of Youth, but it is an approach – at least temporarily. Such a product would help to treat patients whose skin is damaged or prematurely aged. Now all that remains is to find as to make it last its effects in time. The researchers are planning already for Human clinical trials, and they are looking for other diseases that could be treated by a bath of bleach diluted.

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