An example of a minimalist home design renovation of the Type 36 For Property

Minimalist house design example type 36 lot used to be a reference to build houses for the people. You want to renovate your home with applied the minimalist house design can also take advantage of existing home design examples. Minimalist House is indeed good although many say narrow, minimalist home.

But it all depends on the type of House, in which the larger type sizes then home also will be even greater. Minimalist home design in addition to apply a lot of tricks which can make small House does not feel cramped. like for example the trick in terms of color building. Where the House usually with a minimalist design using color variations of no more than two colors in a room. The color was applied to any neutral colors only. Such as white, beige color, and the color of ash. Remember, the deployment colors on one room no more than 2 colors.

In addition, every space utilization becomes more functional. Dream home is a home that is able to accommodate all the wishes of its inhabitants. So in one home, all the residents can do its activities. Because of the minimalist houses could not be built a lot for all the activity, then any room can dikolaborasikan. The trick with the incorporation of the room so that meskipin only in 1 of the room, but has a lot of functions.

Various rooms you can merge like the family room with a living room. The room is a kitchen with a dining room where you can cook and eat in the same room. A merger between the children’s room and study room can also, so children can learn in his own room.
Minimalist house design Pictures examples of renovation of the Type 36

Well, that’s a bit of information about House design minimalist renovation of the type 36. Choose a minimalist house design is indeed a very appropriate choice. But the making of home design is the most important thing. So, choose a home design that does suit yourself and the will of the family in order for everything to feel comfortable to stay at home.

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